About Us & Our Plants


Pet Nep's Nursery is the "pet project" of the Mitchell family. We’ve been growing carnivorous plants for approximately 20yrs now. Our property is located on the Oregon coast, near a large bay, & next door to natural wetlands, making it a perfect property for growing most carnivores!

In 2009 our very active 5yr old began showing a keen interest in insects & my carnivorous plants, they seemed to hold his attention like nothing else. Our neighbor, a respected Bureau of Land Management Botanists, encouraged him to volunteer at coastal parks/gardens (near Darlingtonia State park) replanting native plants & he absolutely loved it! Shortly after we signed him up for a carnivorous plant of the month club & the family’s full blown addiction emerged from there.

Over the years we’ve accumulated quite a large collection, the majority being Nepenthes. As our son & plant collection grew we “showed & shared” plants at community events, classrooms, & cub scouts. During the pandemic we created a Facebook page called Nepenthes Education Project, for sharing proper care information & giving out free plants to young or new growers interested in learning . Unfortunately, giving away pants, supplies & paying USPS shipping, all adds up over time. To cover these costs, in 2019 we began selling half our rooted cuttings & seed grown plants on a Facebook shop we created called PET NEP’S Nursery & Gifts. It was successful & we’ve been able to continue our charitable giveaways for the past 4yrs. Fast forward to 2023, our son is now in High School, still raising bugs & growing plants in his spare time. His HS courses included options for business management & web design. We thought what better way to learn than to design a new website & shop for the family's “pet project”, so here we are!


Our number #1 goal is growing & providing our customers with healthy plants, potted in premium media & safely delivered to your door. Our customer service doesn't stop there though, we're available for questions & care tips throughout the life of your plants!

Our family has been growing carnivorous plants for approximately 20yrs now. In that time we’ve obtained import permits & cultivated many relationships with other reputable nurseries, cloning facilities, botanists, & private collectors all over the world. We also clone our own plants via cuttings & a small TC lab. The majority of plants available are cultivated via tissue culture & micropropigation. When possible we obtain ethically sourced seed grown plants (and/or pollen for producing seeds.) from nurseries in Germany, Italy, & Borneo, or from the private collections of trusted hobbyists.

We’re always on the lookout for new plants & especially vine sections of intermediate or Highland Nepenthes. In fact we plan on adding a “trades & rewards point” section to this site later this year. Do you have a collection of mature Nepenthes in need of a trim? If so, we maybe able to work out a trade, credits towards future purchases, or possibly buy them outright. To find out contact us via email with your list of available cutting or plants.