Shipping costs are based on current USPS rates, depending on the average size & weight of the plants ordered. We do not profit off of shipping! After the packing processes is complete, we will issue a partial refund if the actual costs differ by $2 or more. For example if you’re within our Pacific Northwest shipping region or we’re able to use a smaller box than usual. These are examples of our USPS Priority shipping rates…

$10 - up to 3 small plants or 1 Med + 1 Sm

$12.50 -4 small plants or 1 Med + 2 Sm

$15.50- 2 Med + 1 Sm or 1 Lrg + 1 Sm

$23- 4 Med + 3 Sm or 2 Lrg + 3 Sm

$28 - 8+ Small/Med Plants

*IMPORTANT!!…WE WILL BE CLOSED FROM SEPT 5th-27th, orders placed after 5pm Sept 4th will not ship until Sept 28th!

  • We ship orders Mon-Thurs in the following order depending on destination ….


East Coast, Midwest & Southern states


All USA states

Wednesday :

Mid west & Western States


Western States only (& customers choosing UPS over USPS)

Contact us via email to hold orders during severe weather or while you’re on vacation