Live Arrival Guarantee!

Live Arrival Guarantee:

Terms, Customer Responsibilities, & Restrictions….

At Pet Nep’s Nursery we stand by our plants & customers! To date we can proudly state we’ve never received a complaint of severely damaged or dead plants (See our 5 Star customer review ratings using the Facebook link below)

All orders are carefully packed 1-4 hours before shipping using bubble wrap, air pillows, foam sheeting & peanuts, plus 96 hour heat packs and Mylar wrapping during winter. However, we rely on you as the recipient to follow the guidelines & conditions below. Once your oder is handed over to the carrier there is nothing else we can do to protect your plants from weather or theft.

Recipients are responsible for following these steps.…

  • Although we do our best to keep an eye on weather across the nation, it’s 100% the customers responsibility to check the weather conditions in there area before placing orders.

  • We reserve the right to hold orders temporarily during extreme weather below 35F & above 95F.

  • 96 hour heat packs are available for purchase during cold weather. The Live Arrival Guarantee VOIDED if you do not add a heat pack to tropical plant orders during temps below 50F and North America carnivore orders during temps below 35F.

  • We provide USPS tracking on all orders. The customer is responsible for tracking packages.

  • Someone should be available to receive the package at time of delivery. If that’s not possible we highly recommend contacting USPS to arrange for the package to be held for pickup at your local USPS office.

  • We are not responsible for delivered packages left out in the cold, heat, rain or sunlight for extended periods of time!

  • We are not responsible for packages stolen off of your property or out of the mailbox! In the case of theft you must file a insurance claim with the USPS. (We can help with proof of purchase required to file a USPS claim)

  • We do not provide credits for slight imperfections or pitchers & leaves naturally turning yellow, black, & brown as they dry up from age.

  • To file a “dead on arrival” or “severely damaged” plant claim us you must contact us via email within 6 hours of USPS tracking delivery time.

  • You must also provide photographs or video evidence of the damaged plant and it’s shipping box.

  • We will asses your claim & photos within 24hrs to determine if you are eligible for full or partial credit.

  • Dead or severely damaged plants are eligible for full replacement or store credit if the same plant is no longer available.

  • Plants that are only partially damaged but still healthy otherwise are eligible for partial credit.

  • We do not give cash or credit card refunds!

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